The real meaning of the word “istha-gosthī”

January 6, 2023

The word “iṣṭha” implies Iṣṭha Deva unto the Lotus Feet of whom, my life and soul already dedicated and also that iṣṭha related Idealism or my long cherished goal of bhajan-life. Those who are exactly in the line with the much-esteemed cherished goal of my life and soul, only they can be treated as members of the exclusive assembly arranged by devotees for mutual exchange of view regarding siddhānta vichar or sevā etc.

If their respective goal of life differs from each other- then in that case our Iṣṭha-goṣṭhī can come to a flop end. Not only that but also this can yield toxic result. So be careful to identify a real sādhu with whom you like to do iṣṭha-goṣṭhī.

Gaura Hari Hari Bol