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Srila Prabhupada Bhaktisiddhanta always used to say, that we Gaudiyas have some kind of specialty, what kind of specialty? Specialty regarding seva and specialty regarding Siddhanta. Because seva and Siddhanta are almost same. When you can find Siddhanta in applied form than it is called seva, and when you find seva in the form of a words, then it becomes Siddhanta. It is same, it’s a compensating factor, and if you have many mistakes in Siddhanta then actual seva cannot be done.

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What is the meaning of Vrata?

What is the meaning of Vrata?

To observe Purushottam Vrata means to develop such a pure mind, which 24 hours continuously can get in touch with Guru-Vaiṣṇava-Bhagavan. Then and only then we can realise that our vrata is successful.

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